Concypt creates digital strategy to map the brand’s marketing and business goals.
We plan digital activities using best industry practices to enhance brand impact and loyalty.

Visual Branding

Brand identity is about emotion

Branding is the act of giving your company and products a personality that people like. A brand can excite you, repel you, or leave you indifferent. The trick is to make yours really attractive to the right people, so they want to buy your brand of products. Over the past twenty years, we’ve created hundreds of product brands. We’ve learned what works and what doesn’t. We’ll put our experience to work for you. Visual branding consists of design elements such as colors, materials, shapes, fonts (typography), and functionality. Visual identity is not the same as branding. A brand’s identity  is the visual expression of a brand that is communicated to the outside world.  It often includes its name, logo type or mark, communications and visual appearance. Successful visual branding creates a memorable experience for the consumer, makes them trust the company, and encourages referrals and repeating business if the experience was great.